Why Rebuild a Transmission?

Any particular transmission model can have dozens of variations, depending on the:

  • vehicle’s model
  • engine
  • axle ratio
  • tire size
  • requirement/demand

Other components in the vehicle that the transmission interacts with must match correctly the transmission that is put back in the vehicle. Otherwise, serious problems can ensue.

Example: If your car’s engine and transmission are not compatible, you will experience incorrect shift points or even complete transmission failure. The vehicle’s speedometer is connected to a gear in the transmission, and so, if there isn’t a proper interface with a remanufactured transmission, your speedometer may read too high or too low. So, simply buying a remanufactured transmission “out of the box” and putting it into your car may be quicker, but it may cause you a lot of problems afterward, immediately, or down the line.

So we recommend that you allow us to rebuild your car’s original transmission, if it is possible, right here in our shop, as we have been doing for customers for over fifty years!

How We Rebuild Transmissions

  • After a thorough diagnosis and multiple check points…

  • The transmission is removed and disassembled, with the parts all laid out carefully.
  • Each part is then checked and either cleaned in a special cleaning solution or replaced with another new part.
  • Replacement of torque convertor, clutches, bands, bushings, bearings, sealing rings, roller clutch assemblies, filters, fluid and necessary hard parts.
  • We check the up-to-date manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure that any modifications by the manufacturer to correct design defects in the original parts are taken into account when we choose the new part, and we make certain that all parts will meet or exceed all original manufacture specifications.
  • The parts and the transmission are carefully calibrated for your specific automobile.
  • When the transmission is replaced in your car, the vehicle is tested and checked thoroughly before delivery.

Need your Transmission Serviced? Let Transmission Headquarters Handle it!

Need your Transmission Serviced? Lets Transmission Headquarters Handle it